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Handmade dog bandanas and bow ties crafted from new and vintage fabrics.

Our handmade range varies from on trend prints to unique p-upcycled pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

We have a style for every occasion. Whether your pet is finding the guts to stand-up to the vacuum cleaner, asking that pretty pup down the street on a dog park date, or growing back enough balls to steal the unmanned burrito on the coffee table, we've got you covered.

Keeping it green - our Pup-cycled range

House of Boop is a Melbourne based business producing high quality handmade pet accessories for fur-friends big and small.

We proudly tell anyone that will listen about our endeavour to be as eco-friendly as possible through the promotion and sales of our Pup-cycled range. We think that if thrift shop sweatshirts are good enough for Macklemore then vintage op shop fabric finds are good enough for our puppers too.

Our Pup-cycled range is created from amazing thrift store finds that are living their second life. Drapes become bow ties and table cloths become bandanas all for the sake of fashion and the environment.

We don’t just stop at there, all of House of Boops products are wrapped in kraft paper and posted using recycled kraft envelopes. Our customers can feel good on two fronts, helping their dogs look stylish AF and keeping it green by helping reduce landfill in the environment.